Although Seasonal purely specialises in Recruitment for the Australian Government Seasonal Workers Program, through our affiliated network of offices in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, we can assist with your entire recruitment or permanent placement needs.

Whether its Agriculture, Government, Commercial, Private or Offshore Placements, let Seasonal do it right the first time...

If you would like us to tailor a Seasonal Worker solution to suite your farming needs, just drop us a line and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you shortly

How It All Works

You contact us.

We answer your questions via phone or email.

We come and meet you at your place of employ.

We discuss your specific needs and advise if and how we can assist plus answer further questions, if you like what we offer you sign a contract and we supply staff, you move on with developing your business knowing staff and compliance is no longer an issue and that you have a partner in growing your business.

Its as simple as that…

    Kind Words From Employees

    What our employees thought about the service provided by Seasonal.

    Before mifala start, English for us is good but typing hemi not good,but for us you know we talk so good. Afta lo Australia last 3 years, mi build house and my pikinini now school every day, mi laikem this job and my boss, next will be my 4 times mi kam to Australia, Thank-you hemi good tumas


    Thank you tumas We now have water lo village, pikinini blo me go school, wife and family hemi happy . Work is hard, but me laikem work for me. Boss is happy and askem me blo come back next yia. Mi glad tumas. God Bless, all man help


    Mi wish blo talem thank you go towards the staff at seasonal labour solutions, you change my life, wish blo mi go lo Australia and my boss. Am 45 and never get paid job. Last time mi pem daughter wedding and her pikinini school fees. We put electric city in village and now phone. I cant say tumas thank u.


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    Extra places available for employers in the horticulture sector

    On Friday, 20 February 2015, the Hon. Eric Abetz, Minster for Employment announced increased access to the Seasonal Worker Program places for the horticulture sector. the Hon. Eric Abetz, Minster for Employment announced increased access to the Seasonal Worker Program places for the horticulture sector. Previously, there were 2600 places allocated the horticulture sector this

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    Australian Government expands Seasonal Worker Programme

    On 18 June 2015, the Australian Government announced an expansion of the Seasonal Worker Programme, including removing the annual limit on the number of seasonal workers who can participate in the programme, and expanding the programme to the agriculture industry and the accommodation industry in selected locations. The Government is consulting with industry on identifying

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